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Here we want to give you a short overview about the history of WFT.

WFT Historie


Our Start

The history of our company began in the year 1999 when Christian Dibisch, a highly experienced product developer, received the offer of the famous fishing tackle manufacturer PENN USA, to become a distributor for the German-speaking countries. He asked his friend Frank Boermann, who ran a long-standing established wholesale company at that time, if both of them should operate this new business as a joint venture. They quickly came to an agreement and founded the PENN Germany GmbH together with their American friends.


The Evolution

The beginnings were still modest. At this time, all business processes up to the packing of the parcels in the old table tennis room were still “top priority”. But due to the good relations with PENN Europe in Scotland and with the owner of PENN USA, Herbert Henze, many products have been rapidly developed specifically for the German market, and the PENN Germany GmbH  established itself in a short time as a specialist in particular for deep sea fishing products.
Regrettably Herbert Henze sold his company in 2003 for age reasons. With the new owners in America came new ideas and new decisions. Among other things, the new leaders of PENN USA decided to divest themselves of all foreign investments. So at the end of 2004 the World Fishing Tackle GmbH & Co. KG was founded after lengthy negotiations, which henceforth was operated under the exclusive ownership of Christian Dibisch and Frank Boermann. With the new independence WFT now had the opportunity to take over other distributions in addition to the distribution of the PENN products. Already in 2005, WFT reached an agreement with the Japanese company RYOBI and established Japanese electric reels for deep sea fishing in Norway for the first time in the German market. Other distribution contracts followed.


WFT Today

In addition to this WFT had a strong focus on in-house developments. Over the years, WFT could enrich the market with products with new unique and partly patented features again and again. The  probably biggest develoment work went into the WFT line pogram. High performance fishing lines like WFT’s Plasma or KG Strong are now among the best-selling lines in Germany and also well  established in many parts of Europe. The latest line development, the Gliss KG, received such a great international demand that even contracts with distributors in Australia, the U.S. and many other countries were closed. Today, WFT has team of 20 employees and supplies a range of over 2,500 products, equipped with the latest scanner technology, from a high-rack and a high-bay warehouse to more than 50 countries in the world.

WFT Brands


Penn Commander series by WFT – more than 200,000 units sold!!

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the first choice for cleaning and maintenance of fishing tackle – made in USA

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the american cult brand for trolling lures, rigging tools and accessories

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sounders and accessories, tough and reliable, designed by experienced technicians

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a big name in fly fishing, for 100 years – made in USA

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highest quality Tackle Boxes and sorting systems, 100% made in Japan

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the carp program by Markus Pelzer – proven for more than 20 years

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Japanese reel engineering at its best

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some of the most successful lures in the world, 100% manufactured in Europe

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electric outboard motors – trusted 100,000 times around the world

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WFT friends and partners

WFT WORLD FISHING TACKLE – Leadership for success!

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